Dogs and Renal Issues

Dogs have been regarded as man’s best friend for centuries.Though they belong to the family of terrestrial carnivores, they have been domesticated by humans and have been tamed to live in harmony in human civilizations. Nowadays keeping a canine companion is a common affair.They become a part of our family and we have a strong emotional association with them. With time the bond of affection grows and this phenomenon is a bilateral affair between the animal and his master.

Canine Kidney Failure / Disorder:

Though these animals have a shorter life span than humans, the time spent with them mark impeccable memories of love and affection that stay for a life time.It is disheartening to see your pets in pain due to canine kidney failure disease. it is a very common form of renal disorder that dogs come across. The situation worsens because of the language barrier across that exists between the master and canine species as they are not able to put their feeling into words in a human understandable form. All they do is to howl in pain and get agitated which elevates the concerns of the master.

Kidney Problems in Dogs:

This helpless situation often comes across in cases when the animals suffer renal disorders.Impaired kidneys and other kidney problems in dogs results in excruciating pain to the animal. Whether it is a human or a canine, the severity of the pain is similar in both the cases as the biological functioning, histology and pathology of the dogs is similar. The excretory system in animals and humans are almost alike and indifferent. The kidneys of the dogs filter out the toxins and wastes from the body in form or urine just as in humans, maintain body’s electrolyte concentration and osmotic strength.They regulate blood pressure and encourage red-blood cell production in dogs just as in humans. Hence the ailments are also similar that occur when the kidneys don’t function properly and there is a buildup of the toxins and metabolic wastes in the blood, making a dog ill.

Dog Kidney failure stages:

This pathology lurks into the life of the dog without any obvious symptoms at initial stages. The symptoms of dog renal failure get to notice when the situation worsens and dogs tend to show obvious symptoms and behavior pertaining to canine renal failure. This hidden progression makes it difficult to diagnose the exact dog kidney failure stages of initial development. Thereby, renal disorders in our canine friends are notorious affairs that are hard to latch in the initial stages. They usually get into notice when the situation worsens and the dog falls ill and show symptoms of uneasiness.

Most commonly the symptoms shown by the canines because of dog renal failure include:

  • Altered water consumption by canine
  • Changes in volume of urine produce
  • Hypo-activity and Depression-like behaviors
  • Inactivity, Stumbling, Difficulty in movement
  • Decreases or loss of appetite
  • Reduction in weight
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Chemical odor of breath
  • Appearance of Blood in Urine
  • Oral problems like Mouth Ulcers and Pale gums

Types of kidney problems in dogs:

As mentioned before, the pathology and the histology of dogs and humans are quite similar. Generally the renal disorders in dogs are of various types as mentioned below.

  • Chronic kidney disease – CKD / Renal Failure
  • Acute kidney injury
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Pyelonephritis (infection of kidneys)
  • Nephrolithiasis (renal stones)
  • Ureteral obstruction & hydronephrosis (stones causing a blockage)
  • Hereditary nephropathies (genetic problem)

Dog Renal Treatment:

Ayurveda is the Solution for Renal Failure!

In Conventional Medicine, the renal failure or loss of kidney functionality is often subjected that the nephrons once damaged are irreparable but Ayurveda has the capacity to repair the damaged nephrons to a desirable extent and regain the functionality of kidneys, May it be Humans or canines.  Ayurveda recognize these pathologies and solutions have been provided in ayurvedic treatments for dog kidney failure. 

  1. Chronic kidney disease – CKD / Renal Failure

It has been seen that when the pets are in pain, the whole family is in a difficult situation. Chemical drugs are given to the animals worsen the situation. Commonly in cases of dog renal failure, All that is given to them usually are pain killers that further affect the kidneys of the dogs that make the situation a bad deal. Ayurveda is a traditional healing science that works on the principle of targeting the cause and not the symptoms. We here at ND Care Pvt. Ltd., use natural therapies to treat the canine kidney failure and improve their health status with herbal and ayurvedic medicines. We use our R.E.U.C. treatment pattern to treat the CKD cases in case of canines  and treat renal failures successfully.

What is R.E.U.C. treatment of dog renal failure?

It is our innovative, research based four step Ayurvedic renal treatment method for kidney disorders. 

 Step 1: R- Renal Tissue Repair: 

  • Repair the inflamed renal tissue to an optimal extent
  • Aims to repair the damaged nephrons to the optimum extent

Step 2: E- Electrolyte Imbalance Management:

  • Maintain the levels of electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, etc.)
  • Aims to maintain a check on electrolyte levels and maintaining within normal range.

Step 3: U- Blood Urea Level Management

  • Maintain equilibrium of Blood Urea levels in the body of animals
  • Usage of quick acting herbs to normalize Blood Urea levels

Step 4: C- Serum Creatinine Level Management: 

  • Restore the Serum Creatinine levels in the body to normal value.
  • Functioning of the impaired kidney is restored gradually

Our medicines are equipped with unique cell Boom Technique for quicker rates of their molecular absorption that helps in speedy recovery of lost renal functionality. The natural minerals viz. pearls catalyze the impact of the medications, bringing out positive results.

  1. Glomerulonephritis / Nephritis Kidney Disease

It is a renal disease that has been characterized by inflammation of the glomeruli, or small blood vessels in the kidneys. It may be present with isolated hematuria and proteinuria or acute canine renal failure or chronic renal failure. Clinically, they are categorized into several different pathological patterns, which are broadly grouped into non-proliferative or proliferative types. Diagnosing the pattern of Glomerulonephritis is important because the outcome and treatment differ in different types. Primary causes are ones which are intrinsic to the kidney whereas Secondary causes are associated with certain infections, drugs, systemic disorder or diabetes and engulfing antifreeze chemicals that harm the dog kidneys

Ayurvedic Treatment: Ayurvedic treatment is very effective in the cases of Glomerulonephritis. Doses of immunomodulator herbs and minerals are also administered to improve the condition of the dog.

  1. Renal Stones/Renal Calculi 

A Canine Kidney stone, also known as canine renal calculus, is a solid concretion or crystal aggregation found in the kidneys of the dog very commonly. The major cause of dog kidney stones is due to dietary minerals that are hard to expel in the urine. It is typically classified by its location in kidney and is classified as-Nephrolithiasis, Ureterolithiasis, and Bladder Cystolithiasis or by chemical composition (Calcium containing struvite, uric acid or other compounds.)

Dog kidney stones typically leave the body through urine stream and many stones while passing through ureter can cause severe symptoms. If stones grow to a sufficient size, they can cause obstruction in the ureter. Ureteral obstruction causes post renal azotemia and hydronephrosis. This leads to pain to the dog, most commonly felt in flank, lower abdomen and groin (A condition called Renal Colic). Dietary factors that increase the risk of stone formation include low fluid intake, high dietary intake of non-vegetarian protein, high sodium, refined sugars, oxalates and fewer intakes of fluids.

Ayurvedic Treatment: Kidney stones have been removed using herbs since ages with really encouraging results. For stones which are painful, Ayurvedic formulations give very quick relief and the approximate time depends upon the location of the stone and the size of the stone.

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