IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) which is also known as spastic colon is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder, functional bowel disease. It results in abdominal pain or discomfort, bloating and alternation of bowel habits.It is a complex disease. It is a functional disorder with no abnormality in the structure. About 70-80 million people in the world are suffering from this disease. In India Women and people with family history with IBS mostly suffer from this disease.

Concept of IBS in Ayurveda

In authentic texts of ayurveda, Sushrutacharya in sharir-sthanam has described the “sapta- kala” which are seven in number.

Shasti pittadhara nama kalah; yaa purvam samudhdritaha l
Pakvamashyamadhyashta grahani saa prakirtitaha ll

where Pittadhara kala is sixth one which is pakva-amashayamadhyasta and is said to be GRAHANI, i.e it occupies the part of gastro-intestinal tract which extends from lower part of stomach (pyloric part) to ileocaecal junction; and generally its action is to hold solid and liquid foods which is propelled from amashaya and on its way to the pakvashaya, for the proper action of digestive juice upon it

Functions of Pittadhara Kala

1) Digestion of food and
2) Absorption of digested substance.

And healthy life depends upon the “prakrut Agni”(natural digestive fire). Food is completely digested by “Agni”. And Root cause of all diseases is “manda-agni” which means lower digestive fire.When digestive fire in our stomach is affected, the food gets partially digested or over digested and leads to formation of “ama” which is a toxin. Which presents the sign and symptom of grahani roga(ibs)

When digestive fire in our stomach is affected, the food gets partially digested or over digested and leads to formation of “ama” which is a toxin. Which presents the sign and symptom of grahani roga(ibs)


The exact cause of this disease isn’t known but the experts believe that it results due to miscommunication between brain with intestinal tract which results in abnormal muscle contraction or spasms. the spasms may cause diarrhea or constipation. Patients suffering fom IBS have unusually sensitive intestines. Symptoms of IBS have been occurred because of one or more following factors:
1) Due to stress or psychological issues.
2) Hormonal changes like during menstrual cycle.
3) Use of concepts like antibiotics.
4) Any infection in digestive tract like salmonella.
5) People having family history with this disorder.

Sign and symptoms:

““Muhur badham muhur dravam””

This is said to be the main complaint which is noticed in patient suffering from grahani roga in which formation of stools is changed. sometimes it is loose or constipated associated with cramps and pain in stomach.

Constipation — infrequent stools that may be hard and dry. Feeling like you haven’t finished a bowel movement.

Incomplete evacuation of stools
Diarrhea – frequent loose stools.
Alternating between diarrhea and constipation.
Mucus in the stool.

Line of care

Agni Deepana –- (Improving the appetite by giving Ayurvedic concepts which increases the appetite)
Ama Pachana –- (Ayurvedic concepts which digests the Ama i.e uncooked food or toxins)
Strengthening Grahani (strengthening gastro intestinal system)

Ayurvedic care for IBS

Care for grahani dosha in ayurveda :
Grahnimaashritam dosham ajeernamvat upacharet ||
Atisaroktavidhina tasaamam cha vipachayet ||

Doshas which gets lodged in grahani site should be expelled out by doing vaman(emesis-inducing vomiting by Ayurvedic concepts and decoction) or by langhanam(fasting),laghu annam(light food) and pachnam.

internal medications
external therapies
Advice of food and life style changes
Internally medications depending on the phase of Grahani
Deepana – Pachana (Ayurvedic concepts which improve digestive fire and help in easy digestion of food and ama)
In case of Diarrhoea – Grahi / Anulomana (Ayurvedic concepts which binds and holds the stools)
In case of constipation – And mild laxative.

Ayurvedic Products


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