Depression (An Ayurvedic Viewpoint)

Our expert, Dr. Navdeep Sharma (a world-renowned Ayurvedic healer) explains depression as an unhealthy state of mind. He is very enthusiastic about natural care for depression and anxiety in the patients who show unreasonable sadness, passive behavior, low morale, and diminished energy levels. He has put several such cases to rest which occupied hopelessness and suicidal tendencies.

In our understanding, as social beings, we need to understand that depression is a temporary mental illness that may affect anyone. The condition of depression is more like common cold of the mental health.  According to the research of our Ayurvedic scholars, evidently, depression is largely curable. It is widely believed that Ayurvedic herbs and the cognitive behavior therapies can successfully address this illness. According to stats, globally about 15% of individuals are affected by chronic depression. Even though the modern concepts offers several types of care, unfortunately, the stats are doubling every new decade. We believe that the major reason for this increment in the patients is that the root cause of this illness is often going unchecked.



Our Ayurveda concepts

  • It has been described in Ayurveda that “Sadhaka Agni” (an individual’s inner fire), is responsible for processing emotions. A strong inner fire is often linked to a “High Emotional Intelligence” and under the influence of inner fire, an individual experiences a consciousness of his/her feelings/thoughts.
  • This inner fire allows an individual to control his/her emotions and prevent consciousness from formatting. However, if somehow, inner fire is weakened, it may lead to depression.
  • In endocrine terms, this inner fire influences neurohormones which are released by neuroendocrine cells occurring in the brain, spinal cord, and heart. The function of these neurohormones is to guide the brain to register a given experience in either depressive or joyful manner. The correctness of this registered message depends upon the concentration of inner fire.
  • Our prime objective at ND. CARE NIROGAM PVT. LTD., is to restore the serotonin level in the cerebral system (with the help of natural supplements/herbs) to support the recovery from such psychological complaints.
  • Our Ayurvedic concept is also supported by the classical principles of Dhatus (basic components of the body). Ayurveda explains that there are Sapta Dhatus (Seven basic components of the body) viz. Rasa (Plasma), Rakta (Blood), Mamsa (Muscle), Medas (Fat), Asthi (Bone), Majja (Marrow), and Shukra (Reproductive Tissue) in our body.
  • The channeling of nutrition is believed to be transmitted from one Dhatu to the succeeding Dhatu. In our understanding, the nutrition travels from Rasa (Plasma) to Rakta (Blood) and gradually travels to Mamsa (Muscle), Medas (Fat), Asthi (Bone), Majja (Marrow), and finally reaching to Shukra (Reproductive Tissue).
  • In case of depression (both severe and acute), we focus on balanced levels of Dhatus inside the body. With proper medication and nutrition, we believe that upsurge for Shukra Dhatu (Reproductive Tissue) naturally helps a person to recover from depression.

Ayurvedic herbs to combat depression

We believe that depression can be largely taken care of the patients are nurtured by the Ayurvedic herbs. The Ayurvedic literature contains a very well documented prime medication for stress regulation. For instance, Acharya Charaka has beautifully explained the role of herbs for such conditions in his book entitled “Charaka Samhita”.

“Mandookparniyah swarasah prayojyah ksheeren yastikmadhukasya choornam

Raso guduchayastu samulapushpyah kalkah prayojyah khalu shankhpushpyah”

The above Shloka informs us about the guidelines for healing depression with natural herbs. There is a clear mentioning of four major herbs that are precisely used to obtain natural ingredients which are also known as ‘Medhya Rasayana’. It has been suggested that these ingredients are helpful to improve the coordination of right and left hemisphere of our brain.

Following are the above mentioned “Medhya Rasayana”: –

1) Mandukaparni (Centella asiatica)

2) Yastimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

3) Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)

4) Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis)

  • Our doctors strongly believe that all four  herbal remedies are very helpful in dealing with stress, and anxiety. We prescribe these herbs to be taken as a tonic by any individual suffering from mild to severe depression. Our tonic provides quick-relief from chronic/acute depression state.
  • In case of severe depression, we also provide additional herbal support (please refer to product description below) along with these Ayurvedic products, to assure an immediate and speedy healing of depression.
  • It has also been indicated from our case studies related to mental illness care that with the effectiveness of our Ayurvedic herbs, positive signs start emerging from the very first week.

Our range of products

Nirogamz Braino-R

Ayurvedic cerebral activator”

– Removes toxins that can block mental abilities
– Pacifies excessive Vata in the nervous system
– Dealing with memory loss, memory fatigue, anxiety, and depression
– Helpful in violent mental agitation and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Nirogamz Braino-A

“Supports all aspects of mental performance”

– It is ideal Ayurvedic concepts for students, seniors and anyone with a mentally demanding workload.
– Promotes Intelligence
– Powerful neurological support
– Escalates learning capabilities

Nirogam Cephala Go

“Maintains homeostasis of all Doshas

– Supports learning, memory and recall (DhiDhriti, & Smriti).
– Increase energy level
– Relieves stress
– Promotes blissful sleep

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Depression An Ayurvedic Viewpoint 

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