How to Treat your Fatty Liver Naturally?

The wrong dietary habits (junk/fast food) damage the liver by increasing the toxins levels. In Ayurveda, such toxin accumulations & their side-effects have been studied under Ama formation. The Ama formation can lead to various diseases like cardiovascular, liver diseases etc. To eliminate the impact of toxin accumulation in your liver, Ayurveda offers natural solutions to regain the normal functions of the damaged liver.

What is a Fatty Liver?

An unhealthy build-up of fat in the liver is known as fatty liver or hepatic steatosis. Liver processes and filters the toxic substances from all that you eat/drink. Now, if fat is > 10% of the liver’s weight, it interrupts the natural functioning of the liver.

The liver performs various functions like those of digestion, metabolism, & providing immunity etc. The liver also stores nutrients, fat/water soluble vitamins and minerals. Following are the natural ways that help in keeping the liver healthy:-

  • To balance Pitta Dosha, take meals on time.
  • Eat a balanced diet that includes fiber-rich vegetable & fruits.
  • The food cooked in vegetable oil (unsaturated fat) is advisable.
  • The bitter-tasting foods can stimulate the bile juices and enzymes that immediately absorb food and filter out the toxins.
  • Weight management plays an important role in preventing the increase in LDL levels.
  • Carbonated beverages & caffeine may be avoided as they damage the liver cells.
  • Hygiene of personal and surroundings is very important to avoid hepatitis & keep the liver in a healthy state.

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